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 Post subject: So, I'm Re-reading AGOT (and the rest) to Get Ready for ADWD
PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:09 am 
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It's kind of interesting to re-read this book; it's been 5+ years since I first read it, but it's still really gripping. It does start of sort of slow, but once Caitlyn goes nuts and kidnaps Tyrion, this story really takes off. There are a few things that I find interesting on re-reading.

The first time I read the series, I really, really hated Sansa in this book. I sort of warmed up to her by ASoS and AFfC, but I hated her chapters in this book. This time around, I don't find her nearly as annoying. Really, she does get screwed over by Arya time after time, especially when Arya attacks Joffrey, resulting in Lady being killed. And I have to say I don't blame her for writing the letters to her family after Robert dies. Hell, she's got 100 times more sense than anyone else in her family. Ned's nuts for trying to make Stannis the next king (seriously dude, what were you thinking?), and her mother's nuts for starting the war with the Lannisters to begin with. Sansa pretty much played her hand the way it was dealt as well as she could, so I've got to give her props.

The next thing that is bugging me is the death of Jon Arryn. I know it seems obvious that Jaime and Cersei put that Hugh guy up to do it, but for some reason I have a feeling that Lysa actually killed her husband. Am I nuts? That chick is one serious whack-job, and there's a throwaway line in the chapter when Tyrion has his trial that Jon Arryn wanted their demented kid taken away from her and raised by someone else (the Tyrells, I think). I just wonder if she didn't kill him to keep him from sending the kid away. GRRM says over and over again that poisoning is a woman's thing to do, and I wonder if she didn't do it, then send the letter to her sister pointing the blame at the Lannisters. As far as I've read and remember, the Lannisters never really fess up to killing the guy. In fact, when Ned tries to pull his power-play on Cersei, she bitch-slaps him when he accuses her of killing Arryn.

Danlo felt the growling emptiness of his belly and the terrible screaming hunger of every cell of his body. He remembered a word, then, waashkelay, which meant simply "meat hunger." He realized that on some deep level, the grains and pulses and other vegetable foods that he had eaten for so many years had never truly satisfied him. Always, buried in the tissues of his heart and belly, there had burned a deep desire to consume the meat of another animal and to taste the marvelous tang of blood once more. War in Heaven, p. 387.

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