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 Post subject: some thoughts on constructs
PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2003 11:24 pm 

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constructs seem to be the source of real power in amber. heck, even the primal pattern may be considered a construct- a trump drawn in a shapeshifters blood, of the image in the serpents eye.
then there are the spikards, older than pattern (but not logrus), 11 in number, the ultimate sorcerers tool. the 2 pattern swords, forged upon the step of tirnanog, are themselves spikards locked into sword form. so though older than amber, the pattern part of the sword was probably added later.
and the new ghostweel, which has already processed itself through the jewel of judgement, as well as traversed the logrus, and is a powerfull user of trump.

somewhere (not sure where i read it), there is a reference to the demons of(beyond?) the abyss. this raises the thought that all of shadow between pattern and chaos is a closed sphere. imagine a globe with poles of order and chaos, every point a universe- now turn it inside out and put a hole on one end. and the unicorn and serpent come from outside. there could be anything out there (even brand).

the logrus once had a probelm with its tendrils, much like the pattens blot. that means the logrus is vunerable to something- and that it can probably be destroyed. which means something brought it into existance.
without any other info i propose this wild guess- that in the beginning, the unicorn and serpent fought. the unicorn took its eye. the serpent bled from its wound, and this blood was the logrus. its eye holds the source of the pattern- so why not its blood hold every possibility of life?
now, somebody makes the spikards. i would suspect dworkin of experimenting with using the jewel as a tool for conjuring. whatever sources the spikards draw from, logicaly must have existed before the pattern was made, putting them fairly close to the courts of chaos.
now we know at some point in time dorkwin gets the jewel, wanders to teh edge of shadow, and draws the pattern. one possibility, out of all of teh shadows of chaos, becomes real, with countless reflection.
so everything important comes from the serpent of chaos. and if it gets its eye back, the world may end. that means anything important comes from outside/beyond shadow.

now, there seem to be a lot of forces that nobody is playing with in amber. plate tectonics for example- the logrus played with them once, to try and destroy corwins pattern in prince of chaos. and the amber sourcebook mentions plate tectonics in amber, and that mount kolvir is an uplift zone. so someone who could control plate tectonics would be very dangerous. and if shadow storms move in waves between order in chaos because of the stresses between them, why not cross-shadow plate tectonics? it would be slower, of course, but much more powerfull when it does move.

whats everyone elses opinions on constructs, the origin of logrus, and new constuct types that need to be built?

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