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Postby Damelon » Sat Sep 13, 2003 4:58 pm

I'm interested in finding out what browsers everyone uses.

I use a committee of three. I have an iMac, and have found that I have to use different browsers for different things. The three I use are Internet Explorer (for Mac), Safari (an Apple browser) and Netscape.

Explorer I use most of the time by habit. It's the best one to use if I'm ordering something. The biggest negative is on this site. It takes forever to load the emoticons, and when they are loaded they are frozen; I'm not sure what some of them do. Also, I read that Bill Gates isn't going to put out any more Explorer updates for the Mac.

Safari is allright, but it's beta, and it has beta problems. I like it because it a Google line comes up with the browser. Therefore, if I'm looking up something for a post I'm making on one of the boards, I'll open up Safari and research from there.

Netscape is the most recent one I loaded. It'll be my browser of choice when I'm on the boards. The emoticons load and show motion when finished. I don't have to guess. <i></i>
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Re: Browsers

Postby Duchess of Malfi » Sat Sep 13, 2003 11:16 pm

I think I use internet explorer. My computer came preloaded with AOL and Explorer, so that's what I use... Our lives are the songs that sing the universe into existence.~David Zindell
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Re: Browsers

Postby Nerdanel » Mon Apr 12, 2004 9:44 pm

I use Konqueror. It's the open source Linux browser that Apple borrowed the underpinnings of Safari from.

Mozilla has some good points, but I prefer Konqueror's interface. It has the up arrow! You would be surprised how useful that can be, as well as a button to clear the location bar. Konqueror is also very fast and fits seamlessly with my KDE environment.

IE hasn't gotten serious improvement for years on any platform and it shows. Microsoft only thought about getting a browser monopoly and after they got it they stopped caring. IE STILL doesn't handle transparent PNG-pictures correctly, for example, and if you are using Windows using IE opens you up for all kinds of malware that abuses IE's security holes and tight integration to the operating system. <i></i>
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