Any advantages 2 DSL?

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Any advantages 2 DSL?

Postby danlo60 » Tue Apr 22, 2003 8:00 pm

Does it make ur internet connection faster, does it speed up the net? I was listening 2 the news on the radio saying that Qwest (the big long distance carrier out here) is spendings 75 million 2 provide this service by summer in the 14 states it operates in. But if they'r going 2 charge 40 dollars a month, what, really, is this point of giving up dial-up if a 2nd phone line only costs 23 dollars a month? And now Danlo looked in that direction, too. He remembered that snowy owls mate in the darkest part of deep winter, and so along with this beautiful white bird perched in a tree a hundred feet away, he turned to face the sea as he watched and waited.

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fast access

Postby Duchess of Malfi » Tue Apr 22, 2003 10:44 pm

I don't have it myself, can't afford it, but my oldest nephew has it and is very happy with it. <i></i>
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Re: fast access

Postby Damelon » Wed Apr 23, 2003 1:53 am

My area is just above string and can technology. My town and about 4 others in the area are served by Verizon. Otherwise it's an SBC sea. Only DirectTV provides high speed access to my area, and that at $40 a month with a $500 connect charge. Also they can't connect to Macs I can wait. <i></i>
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Re: fast access

Postby Metadron » Mon Nov 10, 2003 1:52 pm

DSL , cable,... are much , much faster than telephone line (56k). I myself have telenet (fastest cable in belgium :p).

You can compare it with this.

With 56k you wait for your computer
With DSL/cable, your computer waits for you

to download for instance a big file of 100 MB, with dail-up line, it will take the whole day, with DSL only 10 minutes.
There are still diferences between companys who offer those connections. In Belgium you have ADSL and Cable, they are comparable, telenet is a bit faster <i></i>
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Re: fast access

Postby Earthblood » Tue Dec 30, 2003 3:31 am

We have cable modem/DSL & it is hands down worth the $40/month we pay. My wife does all her business (Tupperware manager) via direct order entry & she couldn't do it without the cable modem. We recently were given a nice compaq presario by my wife's aunt & uncle - I just picked up a cable/DSL router tonight & got it all hooked up - have my own little LAN in the house! Kinda cool, and I get the modem speed at both comps (could have up to 4 comps on line at once) I love technology!!!! Cripple but free; I was blind all the time I was learning to see<i></i>
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