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Soldier of Sidon - Amazon listing & early reviews (spoil
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Author:  Duchess of Malfi [ Fri Sep 29, 2006 5:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Soldier of Sidon - Amazon listing & early reviews (spoil

There are spoilers here!!!! You are warned!!!!!!!

From Amazon:
Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
Latro, the amnesiac visionary hero of Soldier of the Mist and Soldier of Arete, reaches the Egypt known to Herodotus in Wolfe's splendid historical fantasy. Wounded in battle, Latro has only one day's worth of memory and must write down his experiences so he will know who he is every morning. In compensation, he's able to see gods and supernatural beings and does not distinguish them from the mortals around him. Gaps in the record and Wolfe's Haggardesque device of the manuscript found in a jar make Latro the most postmodern of unreliable narrators, aware that he's writing a text, uncertain of its meaning and unable to keep its entirety in his head. For all Wolfe assures us that ancient Egypt is not mysterious, Latro's journey makes up a leisurely, dreamlike, haunted house of a novel, which brilliantly immerses the reader in the belief systems of the time, drifting in and out of the everyday and spirit worlds until the two become indistinguishable. (Oct.)
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“I read it immediately, of course, as I have all of Gene Wolfe’s other books. What can one say? The man is too clever by half, and ought to be obliged to donate some of his excess brain cells to charity (I mean, think of all the really stupid authors out there who could benefit!)—but he is so much fun. He doesn’t just do his homework on the ancient world, he plays hopscotch with it. The narrative—vivid, dramatic, and irremediably fragmented—is like ancient history itself, full of unanswered questions.” –Gillian Bradshaw on Soldier of Sidon

“Gene Wolfe is the smartest, subtlest, most dangerous writer alive today, in genre or out of it. If you don't read this book you'll have missed out on something important and wonderful and all the cool people will laugh at you.”--Neil Gaiman on The Knight

“Most writers of fantasy or science fiction know how to tell rattling good stories. But Gene Wolfe not only entertains, he invests his work with a complexity and trickiness that place him among the most important writers of our time."
--The Washington Post

"Wolfe's words wash over the reader with transparent grace and charming playfulness as he spins his profoundly imaginative, metaphysically complex, yet ever-entertaining tale with astonishing naturalness…This is fantasy at its best: revelatory and inspirational."--Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) on The Wizard

"A marvelously fluent, evocative historical, and first of a series, from the well-known author. . . . Glowing, fascinating, intricate work, full of gods and ghosts and magical metamorphoses, set forth in a modern prose that agreeably captures the rhythm and spirit of the period." -Kirkus Reviews [starred review] on Soldier of the Mist

Gillian Bradshaw :
"The narrative-vivid, dramatic, and irremediably fragmented-is like ancient history itself, full of unanswered questions."

Looks like we will all have to get up to speed on our ancient Egyptian mythology and culture!!! ******************************************************

Our lives are the songs that sing the universe into existence.~David Zindell

Author:  Duchess of Malfi [ Wed Oct 18, 2006 2:57 am ]
Post subject:  Soldier of Sidon -- release delayed!!

I was expecting a box from Amazon today, with my book. It did not come, so I checked the status of my order. The release date is now listed as Oct. 31, 2006. <i></i>

Author:  Tulizar [ Fri Oct 20, 2006 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Soldier of Sidon -- release delayed!!

It'll be there before you know it! I still haven't finished Soldier of Arete. Can't wait to read Soldier of Sidon. <i></i>

Author:  Duchess of Malfi [ Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Soldier of Sidon -- release delayed!!

I am pretty geeked up about reading it myself! ******************************************************

Our lives are the songs that sing the universe into existence.~David Zindell

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